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Highly competitive commissions

The more new clients you refer per month, the higher commission per sale you earn. We offer custom commissions to incentivize top-performing affiliates.

It’s easy for our affiliates to earn big. You not only get high commissions, but also enjoy high conversion rates thanks to our reputable service.

Fast and flexible

We pay out commissions every month with no minimum payout requirement and provide flexible payment options based on your preferences.

Committed To Your Affiliate Success

You can not only rely on our day to day support, but you can also pick our brains to boost your earnings. A dedicated affiliate manager will consult you, suggest best practices, and personalize a strategy for your performance.

Powerful Affiliate


Attractive visuals

Use our fancy and ready-to-go banners and screenshots to help you guide and engage your audience.

Once actively referring, you can request a custom landing page or banner size to help convert traffic even better.

Detailed Tracking

Track performance of multiple campaigns separately and optimize your conversions based on what converts best.

frequently asked


An affiliate program is a way for individuals and companies to promote a company’s services or products and get paid for every valid sale they refer.

Signing up for AuthorWWW’s Affiliate Program is easy and free. We ask you to provide contact details and specify how you plan to refer sales so we can get you started. Joining the program is not committing and you may decide to quit at any time.

Affiliate commissions usually vary depending on the industry and the volume of referrals. Our industry tends to yield some of the highest commissions. The more valid sales you help generate, the higher your affiliate earning per sale will be.

Not necessarily. Many affiliates tend to “sell” by word of mouth, via emails, Youtube, or other social media and do not necessarily have a website. All you need to have is a way to make your referrals use your custom affiliate link or coupon code so we can track your sales and reward you accordingly.

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